Water treatment in hospitals plays a decisive role in the preservation of medical products and the quality of the treatment process.

Sterile and ultrapure water treatment for clinics

A central component of this reprocessing is the AEMP (reprocessing unit for medical devices), which ensures that instruments and devices are sterile and ready for use. The optimisation of the AEMP in clinics is a continuous process that ensures compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Optimisation of sterile supply reprocessing processes in clinics

An essential part of this process is the use of demineralised water (demineralised process water), which makes the installation of a water treatment plant unavoidable. An essential part of this process is the use of fully demineralised water (demineralised process water), which makes the construction of a water treatment plant unavoidable.

Pilot test before the market launch of the first water treatment plant.

A successfully completed pilot test prior to the market launch documents the development of the first demineralised process water treatment system for the cleaning and disinfection process, as well as the sterilisation process in hospitals. HeylNeomeris developed an innovative system concept for demineralised water treatment that corresponds to the current state of knowledge and technology. The modular system was specially designed to meet the individual requirements of outpatient clinics and hospitals and thus protect medical devices and equipment in the long term. We are therefore not only experts in pharmaceutical water, but have also had in-depth expertise in the field of process water treatment for AEMP since 2017. In order to guarantee products of the highest quality in all areas of application, no product listings are made without an extensive pilot and test phase beforehand.