MB A6K4 "disposable quality" mixed bed resin (no VOC)

Product number: 896495


Content: 25 Liter (€6.08* / 1 Liter)
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Product number: 896495
GTIN: 4260682388032
Our comment: We will inform you of the freight costs for the purchase of a half or full pallet of Premium Mixed Bed Resin on request.
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Product information "MB A6K4 "disposable quality" mixed bed resin (no VOC)"
  • MB A6K4 is a high capacity mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a mixture of strongly basic anion resin and a strongly acidic cation resin for direct water purification.
  • The conductivity is about 0.06 µm/cm.
  • Suitable for use in non-regenerable cartridges, high efficiency deionisation for silica removal and ultra pure water applications.
  • Packed in 25 litre bags

Polymer matrix: gel polystyrene cross-linked with DVB.
Ionic form, as supplied: H+ / OH-
Physical shape and appearance: Spherical beads
Sphericity: Min. 95%
Particle size range (US Standard Screen): 1.25 - 0.315mm, wet.
Particle size: +1.2mm < 5% ; -0.3mm < 1%
Water retention H+: 45 - 50%
Water retention OH-: 53 - 60%
Shipping weight (approx.): 700-740 g/l
Max. Temp. non-regenerative: 100°C
Max. Temp. regenerative: 60°C
pH-value range: 0-14

Recommended operating conditions:
  • Minimum bed depth should be 0.6m (24")
  • Service flow rate should be 20-60 BV/hour
  • Prolonged exposure to strong oxidising agents such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and concentrated nitric acid will deteriorate the structural backbone of the resin and should be avoided.

Mixture Resin:
Anions: 60%
Cations: 40%

Purchase options:
  • Single purchase - 25 ltr. (item no. 896495)
  • 1/2 pallet - 500 ltr. (Art.-No. 896496)
  • 1 pallet - 1050 ltr. (art.-no. 896497)