Water treatment plants

HeylNeomeris is a supplier of water treatment systems for outpatient healthcare facilities, including compact units for laboratories and doctors' surgeries.

In our role as experts in water purification, we place particular emphasis on disinfection processes and the provision of highly purified water. Our latest development specifically meets the requirements for demineralized water (demineralized water) in laboratory environments and surgical practices to ensure that the necessary equipment and instruments are always available. With a capacity of up to 50 liters per hour, our latest system model offers an output that meets the strict requirements of guidelines 17 and 18 of the DGSV Hygiene, Construction and Technology Committee in a minimal footprint. Hygiene and disinfection are at the heart of every surgeon's needs. The monitoring of silicate content and conductivity is an integral part of our intelligent systems. We support you in determining your deionized water requirements and ensure seamless integration of our systems. Smooth operation and the lasting quality of the devices and instruments are crucial for efficient process management.

Modular cabinet system

Under-counter system