Modular cabinet system for large treatment capacities (max. 90 l/h)

The components of the system are housed in two sturdy Rittal enclosures, which reliably shield them from external environmental influences.
Only a minimum footprint of 1.60 m x 1 m is required to install the modular water treatment system from HeylNeomeris. The system consists of two cabinets measuring 80 x 60 cm, which provide enough space to safely store all the essential components.
With a maximum capacity of 90 liters per hour, this modular cabinet solution is ideal for ambulatory surgery centers with extensive process water requirements.
A standard feature of the system is the Testomat® 808 SiO2, which enables the silicate content in the water to be checked.
Depending on the selected specification, the system can be supplemented with UV light disinfection to remove microorganisms and bacteria from the water.
A lifting pump can also be integrated as an option, which effectively drains the waste water. A pyrogen filter can also be added. The NeoTecMaster® could take over the monitoring of all relevant water parameters for data acquisition and display. A viewing window with optional lighting is a popular option for visual inspection.