Modular cabinet system for large treatment capacities (max. 90 l/h)

The components of the system are housed in two solid Rittal enclosures, which provides comprehensive protection against external environmental influences.
The compact water treatment system from HeylNeomeris requires only a small floor area of 1.60m x 1m for its placement. Within two housings, each measuring 80 x 60 cm, there is sufficient space to safely install all the essential parts of the system.
With a peak capacity of 90 liters per hour, this modular housing system is perfectly suited for ambulatory surgery centers with a considerable demand for process water.
The standard scope of the system includes the Testomat® 808 SiO2, which was specially developed for monitoring silicate values in water.
Depending on the model, the system can also be equipped with a UV disinfection unit that cleans the water of microorganisms and bacteria.
There is also the option of integrating a lifting unit to dispose of waste water efficiently. A pyrogen filter can also be added to the system. The NeoTecMaster® could be used to record and visualize the data for monitoring all critical parameters. An illuminated viewing window is a preferred solution for monitoring.