Water treatment plants

HeylNeomeris supplies outpatient clinics with advanced water treatment systems, including compact models for laboratories and medical practices.

As specialists in water purification, we focus on disinfection technologies and the production of ultra-pure water. Our latest innovation is optimally tailored to the needs of deionized water in laboratories and surgical practices to guarantee a continuous supply of necessary equipment and instruments. Our latest system design makes it possible to operate in confined spaces with a consumption of up to 50 liters of deionized water per hour while complying with the strict requirements of guidelines 17 and 18 of the DGSV's Hygiene, Construction and Technology Committee. Maintaining hygiene and disinfection is at the heart of every surgeon's requirements. The control of silicate values and conductivity is one of the central features of our innovative solutions. We support you not only in determining your demineralized water requirements, but also in integrating the treatment systems to ensure trouble-free operation and long-term quality of your medical equipment.

Modular cabinet system

Under-counter system